Business Transformation Success

"Know your customer and increase both revenues and your customer satisfaction."


Become a disrupter, embrace change, and stop worrying about disruptive technology. We can help you control your digital destiny and transform your organization into an industry leader.


React faster and more intelligently. Execution and delivery is where most projects and good ideas fail. 'Delivery' is our middle name and we guarantee success on every project.


Empowering your people is our goal. Increasing their ability to perform and drive business value are outcomes of our engagements. By enabling performance we accelerate your pursuit of excellence.


A cornerstone to success, stakeholder value, and high-performance organizations is collaboration between lines of businesses and technology resources.

Success through transformation

With market conditions quickly changing your organization needs to quickly respond with agile and adaptable solutions.

One of our clients propelled their organization forward by positioning their technology organization to be leaner, more flexible, and by providing more value to their business. In doing so, they saved more than $50 million in operational costs while providing faster services and more cost effective solutions for their customers.

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"Align with your customers' needs;
better yet, anticipate them."

Data Center Transformation

Empower your people, accelerate business growth, and improve performance – let our experts make it happen.


Whether you're building a new department or a new data center; we'll ensure it's a success.

Aviiva has delivered transformation solutions throughout the nation. We've worked with Fortune 500 organizations on restructuring their organizations and we've even designed, built, and commissioned a data center in Hawaii. Rest assured we have you covered.

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Relocation services is in our blood; that's where it all started for us.

We've migrated thousands of physical and virtual assets. Heck, we even have patent pending processes and methodologies. Needless to say we're the experts in migrating technology platforms to and from anywhere.

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Want to reduce capital costs or operational expenses, simplify operations, and accelerate business?

One tried and true method to achieve these goals is data center optimization. Simplify operations with cross-platform solutions that capitalize on your existing assets with cost-effective solutions that accelerate business innovation and growth.

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Delivery methodologies that work

Aviiva has saved our clients millions and transformed thousands of assets by leveraging our proprietary patent-pending delivery models.
Our Delivery Model

Our proprietary patent-pending delivery model has saved clients over $100 million dollars on operations costs over the last few years. Contact us to learn how your organization can reduce your IT spend.

Our Program Structure

We've transformed thousands of assets by leveraging our proprietary patent-pending delivery program structure. We've worked with clients to transform operations resulting in the net gain of over 30% in operational efficiency.

Local Presence, Nationally Delivered

Our team has delivered solutions throughout the nation and we pride ourselves on supporting the local community by leveraging the local workforce.

"Working with a local workforce allows the local heros to make our projcts a success."

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