Business Intelligence

Want to disrupt the market, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, or cut costs – relax, we'll get you there.


Make better, quicker, more informed decisions.

Need real-time business insights? Have countless sources? Want a centralized single source of truth?

Whether you need easy-to-use, business analytics, and performance management? Or, need self-service visual dashboards with the capability to distribute reports to thousands of users? Our solutions provide you with the best BI platform to fit your business' unique business demands.

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Connect everything together in a way that works.

Turn your data into a competitive advantage that promotes an integrated and connected culuture.

Data works best when everyone is looking at the same thing. You need to lay the foundation for a real-time integrated enterprise and our integration solutions scale as your business grows. Our solutions are based on industry standards that support more than 300 database and application adapters.

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Data works best when it's accurate.

Tired of bad data? Confused when you view an account and the data doesn't make any sense?

You can have all the data in the world, but if it's bad data it becomes a burden and not a benefit. Transform data into relevant, timely, and usable information with our solutions - that are guaranteed to improve your business performance and empower your people to make better decisions.

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Insights. Anywhere. Anytime.

Aviiva making the impossible... possible.

Businesses like yours are looking for ways to win new customers, make better more informed decisions, increase market share, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase profit.

Aviiva offers faster, simpler and flexible business intelligence (BI) solutions and provides you with the right tools and insight to reduce costs, grow revenues, and win new customers.

Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?

Discover one business intelligence tool that is turning heads.

Watch this video and learn how WebFOCUS Express can help your business grow and become more profitably.

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At Aviiva, we deliver the key ingredients for client success.

A BI Strategy that Empowers Employees

Get the most out of your technology investments and data assets with a BI strategy that accelerates your pursuit of excellence.

BI for everyone

Empower everyone in your organization by providing the right insights to the right people. Make everyone smarter so they can make better, faster, and more confident decisions.


Get answers at the speed of your thoughts. Have your business insights, metrics, and performance available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Quickly see how your business is performing against your strategy and immediately zero in on growth or high-impact activities.

You're always on; isn't time your data was?


Intelligently analyze your profitability and growth while measuring your performance more accurately. Bring financial statements and spreadsheets to life with real-time interactive visual dashboards. View your business and monitor changes as it's happening.

Reclaim your time; don't waste it!


View real-time critical sales triggers, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and identify customers with the greatest and lowest profit potential. Track real-time actual vs. forecasted metrics. Perform 'what-if' analysis to see how changes impact your revenue attainment.

Instantly view pipeline, quota, and performance!


View real-time response and conversion rates, customer satisfaction and engagement metrics, and measure your campaign and promotion performance. Perform instant 'what-if' analysis to see how marketing campaigns or regional economic conditions will effect forecasts and budgets.


Make powerful operational dashboards to propel your business towards operational excellence. Perform instant quantitative, qualitative, and hand analysis from one dashboard. Track advanced operational models with visual analytics for dynamic operational insights.

Don't just review the past; predict the future.

Human Resources

Leverage your data to improve retention, recruit effectively, and maximize productivity. Have better insights on succession planning, avoid resource gaps, and lean resource allocation by avoiding waste. Instantly analyze promotions, hiring, and firing patterns across your business. Use data to help set HR policies.

Information Technology

Create a single point of truth with a consistent view of all your data sources in one integrated dashboard that can be exported to any format. Empower business users to create their own reports, perform discovery, and complete analysis without requesting IT help. Free IT to spend more time on strategic activities.


Track, evaluate and manage your partners more effectively. Make better decisions based on your data and evaluate your partner's efficiency. Create a real-time platform to manage partner requests and identify high-value partners. Identify problems or opportunities to figure out what's working and what's not.


Know your customer and increase both revenues and your customer satisfaction. Empower your customer for success and gain a customer for life. Help your customers succeed by understanding their needs and getting the right information from the right sources to help them focus on meeting their business needs.

Capturing the data revolution

The explosion of mobile technologies, social media, and available data has propelled organizations to receive more data from more sources than ever before. The Challenge - Transforming that data into business value.

Our solutions help our customers:

  • Acquire and retain more customers.
  • Identify and close new revenue sources.
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance and governance.
  • Identify and take action against fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Aviiva can transform your data into business value and accelerate your pursuit of excellence making your organization an industry leader.

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So powerful you'll fall in love

Need a flexible, scalable, and easy to use business intelligence and analytics platform?

Insights at the speed of thought. Dashboards offer an unmatched scalable self-service experience that provides executives and managers with insights to accelerate business growth.


Empower users to create, explore, and share insights without requesting IT help. A platform so easy it enables users to analyze and manipulate information without any training.


Business insights anytime, anywhere, on any device. Interact with real-time secure data on the go whether connected to the Internet or not. Touch controls customized for your data.


When it comes to information delivery, one size does not fit all. Fully automate, schedule, and securely control the distribution of information to anyone within or outside your organization.


Create forward-looking strategies that anticipate future business impacts. Use powerful predictive analytic solutions to make fact-based decisions that increase profitability and customer loyalty.


Performance management works better when you can effectively communicate corporate strategy across the organization. Empower your people with everything they need to succeed.


Don't replace; integrate. Users embrace new business insights when they're able to use their preferred tools and formats. (Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, etc.) Integrated data you can trust.


Leverage custom web and mobile applications to answer thousands of business questions. Create an intuitive interface to visually present business insights that empower your people.

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