Humble Beginnings

In the beginning our company focused exclusively on moving data centers; however, as our clients enjoyed the success they were realizing we quickly became more. Our company expanded and focused on improving our customer's technology platforms; thus, data centers were built, servers and workloads were virtualized, and both infrastructure and applications were optimized. Not only were the technologies being improved, but we found our clients truly began to transform their business as we empowered their people to accelerate towards excellence. Our clients' pursuit of excellence propelled our company into the era of business intelligence. We embraced this movement and founded Aviiva to incorporate both transformation and intelligence. Business intelligence is truly transformational for clients that haven't been able to wrap their arms around their data and leverage that game changing asset as a competitive advantage. We now focus on transforming business through technology by enabling performance, empowering people and accelerating excellence. Oh yeah, did we mention we guarantee the success of every project.

Our vision is to be recognized as the most valuable partner of small, medium sized, and enterprise companies by empowering and accelerating their pursuit of excellence and success.

Are you positioned for acceleration?

Our solutions have been helping organizations like yours for decades!


Simple, easy, on-the-go products. Aviiva offers business intelligence applications that provide anytime access, worry-free maintenance, and the ability to pay as you go. Extend your business tools and services to wherever you need them.


Go where business takes you. It's an anytime, anywhere business world. Make an impression with every customer visit, have real-time insights on the spot, and increase your revenue per sale.

Big Data

Accumulating data is easy. Effectively using it is difficult. Don't let the management of big data slow your business down. Aviiva empowers your business to succeed by harnessing your data and gathering real-time insights to make faster and better decisions.