Building Solutions

"Our solutions are custom tailored to exceed your specific needs - Guaranteed."

Our team has the tools and methods to quickly define optimized data center specifications. We work to standardize design and automate operations to predict and optimize performance. Need an assessment? We provide complete end to end project management, construction management, and engineering so you have a single point of contact to work with on your new facility.


Need to refresh your existing facility, expand, or build a new one?

We've worked with Fortune 500 organizations and offer end to end construction management of your facility build out. Want a single vendor to hold accountable for your integrated power, cooling, and management system needs?

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Want a solution that can be deployed anywhere in weeks vs. years?

Need a highly adaptable, deployable, and efficient modular solution? We offer complete modular solutions that provide unmatched high density configurations. Choose a solution that could cut your operational costs in half.

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Do you need the most cost effective cloud solution? We have them.

Are you considering a cloud or managed service environment? We offer unmatched cloud environments whether you need a private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or co-location - you can rest assure that we have you covered.

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"Align with your customers' needs;
better yet, anticipate them."

Modular Data Center Solutions

Designed for rapid deployment, energy efficiency, and high-density computing to deliver capacity at a lower cost than traditional construction methods. Significantly reduce construction time from years to weeks.

Enterprise-grade data center modules

In a timely manner, data centers must scale their facility needs while keeping costs from exploding. Every day data center executives are challenged with massive costs to expand operations, 18-24 month lead time to ramp up new facilities, the complexities of managing large commercial construction projects, and environmental concerns.

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Success through transformation

With market conditions quickly changing your organization needs to quickly respond with agile and adaptable solutions.

One of our clients propelled their organization forward by positioning their technology organization to be leaner, more flexible, and by providing more value to their business. In doing so, they saved more than $50 million in operational costs while providing faster services and more cost effective solutions for their customers.

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Business Transformation Success

"Know your customer and increase both revenues and your customer satisfaction."


Become a disrupter, embrace change, and stop worrying about disruptive technology. We can help you control your digital destiny and transform your organization into an industry leader.


React faster and more intelligently. Execution and delivery is where most projects and good ideas fail. 'Delivery' is our middle name and we guarantee success on every project.


Empowering your people is our goal. Increasing their ability to perform and drive business value are outcomes of our engagements. By enabling performance we accelerate your pursuit of excellence.


A cornerstone to success, stakeholder value, and high-performance organizations is collaboration between lines of businesses and technology resources.

"You're not just transforming the data center; you're transforming your organization."

Local Presence, Nationally Delivered

Our team has delivered solutions throughout the nation and we pride ourselves on supporting the local community by leveraging the local workforce.

"Working with a local workforce allows the local heroes to make our projcts a success."

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